If for example the dragon ball is 3 spaces after the boss when you get the number 3 in your options use any of the other 2 numbers because there is no guarantee you will get another number 3 and might end up having to replay the level (this is from personal experience). Another quick map but not because of the there are no boss stops (there are 1 or 2 depending on which direction you choose) but because STR types have low HP. Just as he grants wishes in the series so too will he grant your wishes here. Upon maxing your dokkan meter at the bottom of your screen (which you'll notice is maxed when it is a rainbow) you can aim to get 12 Ki & perform a Dokkan Mode Super Attack. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Ichibansho Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta Product Description Note - Image not final. It is a mix of board and puzzle game with manga-style story dialogue. It also has 2 different types of summoning's: I will only keep the summon events currently active to improve page loading. In order to T.D. 1. Once you open this menu you will be greeted with a menu for buying Dragons Stones which can be purchased with real life currency. At Chaiotzu's defeat begin to set-up your ki so your strongest TEQ can launch the Super Attack attack, this will deal at minimum 30,000 for that character. This tree grows by absorbing the life force of the planet itself, causing the planet to become a barren wasteland. Once there you must then reach MAX level again (in this case 80), from there you can use your event medals to D. Awaken him into [SSR] Great Saiyaman Hero of Love and Justice. Remember that this Piccolo has a lot of HP even on Normal, & it increases by a huge amount once you get to Z-Hard. Post by Dotogam » Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:16 pm So is the King Ming method for Summons reliable, or are we not allowed to talk about those kinds of methods. When using characters & training items make sure they are of the same type that you are training as you get more experience than if you were not, plus this saves you items in the long run as you will be using less for more (refer to the training item section for the values). Do it again on Hard to also receive another 2 Dragon Stones & the same will go for Z-Hard. Acknowledgments When it comes to the events they have a rotational order to them so if you miss an event you can be assured that they will eventually come back. From there be careful as STR means high ATK meaning Android #16 will hit hard, especially with his own Super Attack. u/PewPew09876. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a brand new chapter in the Dragon Ball Z saga. This event gives you the chance to obtain [SR] Piccolo Jr. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle devient un jeu beaucoup plus grand sur un écran plus grand et l’excitation est encore plus grande. In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on PC, the story begins when Trunks’ Time Machine crash-lands on a planet where the Dragon Ball … Sign up. Add new page. The amount of experience you earn from this training session is shown at the bottom next to Zeni Req. [R] Yamcha Unwavering Confidence With this I gain the extra ATK, survivability & Ki to make this battle go quickly & smoothly. it's not 600 points of health that will save you in a boss battle (or it will but rarely). Also, note that Dragon Stones & Awakening Medals are for 1st clears only. If you have Passive Skills that boost Super ATK power then make sure that character activates it, even a S-AGL can hit for 90,000 which drains his HP by about a, Finally, always make sure your ready to heal before a Super ATK. Selling over 41 million copies from 1986 to 2016. Encountering Ginyu (Goku) Body Change of Threat will yield a massive experience drop & have a chance to drop Frieza Medals (except for Golden Frieza). Watch fullscreen. His attacks in this difficulty will only hit for around 20k which isn't problematic if you have are hitting him with Super Attacks every turn. Once you have your team assembled, accumulate all the Ki on the map (as much as you can, this is not the place to go for items). When you lose a battle the screen goes dim and you are given the option of continuing by consuming 1 Dragon Stone or quitting which will force you to give up anything you may have picked up along the way. Games Movies TV Video. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Cheats 1.1.2. Each stage completed offers a total reward of 3 Dragon Stones (1 Dragon Stone per difficulty). Luckily it was the first thing I tried at random. As you enter you will be able to view characters that have the potential to be D. Awakened and/or T.D. Now the reason I suggested putting in at least 1 S/E -TEQ is because there will be a very rare chance that [UR] Gotenks Double the Power [S-AGL] will appear & when he does you are going to want to be ready for that (Only appears in Z-Hard with Piccolo). Just attack and worry not about healing. [1] Only available from the Dokkan Festival Trunks & you are requested by King Kai investigate the dimension distortion that has taken place. The % bonus you get is as follows [1]: [1] There is also another S.A. type called Low but since I have never encountered now found any information on it I will leave it out. Pasta had enough skill to dodge several of Yamcha's strikes before knocking him down with a kick, however Yamcha had froze up at the time due to his fright of being around pretty girls. So use a Senzu if things get dicey. (Only available in Z-Hard) If you save 1 movement point then you can challenge [SR] Goku Miraculous Return (S-PHY). 1. Awakening Medal: Frieza (2nd Form) [2] Judge when you should heal by the chart to the right & be sure to guard them if at all possible otherwise use a. Do note that when planning your team formation take into account the Team Cost. Stage 12: Normal & Hard are easy if you follow the strategy above, if you have a character than can decrease either Beerus or Whis attack or defense, and include items that have the same effect then it won't be any trouble. Unfortunately this option is still in production by the Bandai Namco. 1. All rights reserved. In battle your type will determine which modifier you receive. Copyright © 2016 to GamingLinkMedia. Playing next. They also say that to cancel you have to move down, but as you said, anywhere far from the selected orb will do (when it's no longer showing the highlighted orbs). Master Roshi is much stronger than Mercenary Tao was so be a little more care. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Cheats 1.1.2. Tien has be replaced with Android #16 who is much stronger so follow the same strategy above (although I don't think you can 1-shot him at this point) & you'll finish that battle quickly. World Tournament MedalsWorld TournamentMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleBulma TeenTurtle[R] Chi-Chi Surging Rage RSS. In terms of items, make sure you have Senzu Beans & Dende's with you as the bosses hit anywhere from 17k -30k. Difficulty: I - Normal, II - Hard, III - Z-Hard. Awakening Medal: Frieza (2nd Form) [2] Turtle RockTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL1000 EXP1500 EXPTEQ1000 EXP 1500 EXP INT1000 EXP 1500 EXP STR1000 EXP 1500 EXP PHY1000 EXP 1500 EXP Click on the extension icon on the top right corner. Weighted BootsTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL18000 EXP 27000 EXP TEQ18000 EXP 27000 EXP INT18000 EXP 27000 EXP STR18000 EXP 27000 EXP PHY18000 EXP 27000 EXP New … Wikis. Can you pick the training locations in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle? It is handy, but if you proceed through Quest you will never miss a single ball, unless you skip it of course. Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown! Click on the button with three horizontal lines or the three dots found in the upper right-hand corner of your Chrome™ browser. Sacred WaterTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL8000 EXP 12000 EXP TEQ8000 EXP 12000 EXP INT8000 EXP 12000 EXP STR8000 EXP 12000 EXP PHY8000 EXP 12000 EXP If you lost the stage & choose no to continue you will lose all items, medals & zeni collected. Tumblr. [2] Due to conflicts on this type (from researching online) I cannot verify that Catastrophic is better than Supreme so until I can verify it, it will stay where it is, As an example of damage increase: Character 1: S.A.= 25,000 ; Catastophic is 300% so... 25,000 * 300% = 75,000 damage inflicted [1]. Includes base for display; some minor assembly required. PopoTEQRareMaster RoshiSTRRareKorinAGLSuper RareGrand Elder GuruPHYSuper RareKamiINTSuper RareBabidiTEQSuper RareBibidiSTRSuper RareKibitoAGLUltra RareEast KaiPHYUltra RareWest KaiINTUltra RareNorth KaiTEQUltra RareSouth KaiSTRUltra RareSupreme KaiSSR -> URUltra RareOld KaiSSR -> URUltra Rare Stages 1 - 9: Do not worry about the difficulty of the battles as they are not so difficult as long as you have a type-advantage team. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Rainbow Team means a team containing one of each type, excluding friends. Make sure you have Z-Awakened TEQs with you to make this battle end easier. 0:31. Note. [UR] Super Saiyan 3 Goku The Power to Shake the Universe Its not remotely as hard as any other zhard. Don't worry about type-advantage at this difficulty, but make sure you have at least a level 20 team otherwise it'll be pretty tough. Take note of places with high exp/zeni drops as you may want to return here if you need the extra. Now you can experience all the nonstop action in the palm of your hand! I could not piece together the map without losing those two parts. Summoning Event: Plus... STR Characters' Summon Rates Increased! 3.Do all the story missions and when you gather the dragon balls for the 2nd time you might want to wish for the quest item wish because it is very useful in battle (i personally used it and i rarely ever lose anybody and when i do it's because i say ''i'll survive this next attack'' but get hit by a super). From both experience & research I find that his drop rate is rather low. Here is where picking up things doesn't hurt your point gathering. Well, fight him the same way, but. Right and then right again. Explore Wikis; Community Central ; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Android 17's defence ignoring passive is absolutely amazing. When you have a type disadvantage such as STR vs AGL then you will have a D.A. In this section you begin the same as in training & once you select your character you enter the next menu. starting tomorrow though the medals event will start and will last for a total of 5 days so that's a good place to farm for medals and exp. Z-Hard is where the trouble begins. Contact. Here is the first Hint and how to obtain the 1 Star Dragon Ball for the latest set of Porunga Wishes.Be sure to Like &am. There are some medals required that can only be obtained by doing quests. are limited for F2P users. [03/27/2016] Currently, T.Dokkan Awakening is only available for [UR] Perfect Cell Flare of Death, [UR] Perfect Cell Ceaseless Terror & [SSR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly The Roar of Death. Characters that have appeared from the original Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z have appeared in this game. This walkthrough was created on Firefox and it came out looking great. Here you can view each individual character by long-pressing their portrait which brings up their character statistics which shows their HP, ATK, DEF, Super Attack Level, Leader Skill, Passive Skill & Link Skill. ... On All videos Location: Australia The higher the cost, the harder the enemies, BUT the higher the points you can earn. If you've brought SSJ3 Goku, then most likely you will win with 5 or 6 Super Attacks, that is, if everything went smoothly. Awakening Medals contain as you would expect every medal you have acquired thus far. Story MedalsGalactic Crisis!! [SR] Android 13 Evil-Borne Monster -> [SSR] Fusion Android 13 Deadliest Fusion Power Take note of places with high exp/zeni drops as you may want to return here if you need the extra. This is a relatively new addition to the Team Menu. There are also Up Right & Down Right Arrows which just mean an increase no larger than U.A or a decrease no less than D.A. When it is your turn you can tap & hold a character portrait and switch it with another character to take advantages over weaker types or create Link Skills. In addition to that hint is that when you first find the Dragon Balls (which should be your goal when entering into Quest Mode) make your first 2 wishes to increase your item limit & team space. He can hit for around 15,000 - 25,000 for a character of a neutral type. On Chrome though, the pictures for Battle of Awakening Medals are smaller than they should be, it could be my browser, but if not then use Firefox, if you want to see the map the way I meant for it to be seen. When it comes to items bring Dende, Senzu as a mandatory; King Yemma, Ghost Usher are what I recommend for the extra slot(s). Use type advantage to quickly finish battles as you only have 3 turns before the battle ends. If you brought a TEQ team regret it now cause you may be KO'd unless your S/E. Le jeu commence avec Trunks qui fait atterrir sa machine temporelle dans un univers où les lignes du temps de Dragon Ball sont mélangées de façon presque irréparable. Stage 2: In Search of the Super Saiyan God. Re: "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle" Official Discussion Thread Post by kidhero1000 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:20 am We should of gotten SSJ3 Goku by now to move that along, finally get the CATA system implemented and Gogeta's leader skill, but Bamco. [SR] Master Roshi Martial GuidanceUltra Rare Swipe right to pan left So he's nothing to worry about as long as you don't forget that you must heal when below 20,000 in case he launches his Super Attack. [2] Drop rate will increase as difficulty increases Prioritize U.Rare Awakening Medals as your guaranteed to get Bulma (Teen) or Turtle which is required to awakened DB Saga Summon Characters. In Normal/Hard: Have your entire team be S/E -STR & pound away with supers. Stage 1: The Best Fighter of West Quadrant. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE. To put it simply: STR>PHY>INT>TEQ>AGL>STR... & STR